Here is "Tulip Eating Grin"
( from Gallery 1 )
Image size: 15" x 12"
Overall size: 21" x 18"

The image is mounted to an Acrylite panel that is 3/4" thick. The back panel is 1/2" thick and is 3" larger on all 4 sides.

The PLAY OF LIGHT Wall Sculpture stands out from the wall about 1 inch and is hung by a standard picture hook.

The images in Gallery 1, a Premiere Series of masks, are mounted to ACRYLITE. The Acrylite is apparently inseparable from the image. Acrylite has no color to interfere with design. It has ultraviolet resistant properties; it's lighter than glass and is marvelously sculptural. The light transmitting properties of Acrylite (like fibre optic rods with points of light at their ends) lend themselves to translucent images.

The images in Galleries 2, 3 and 4, and the slide show galleries, are designed to be mounted to the Acrylite PLAY OF LIGHT TM system.

Please visit my Stand Alone page for smaller units of
PLAY OF LIGHTTM sculptures.

This Art Form is a creation of