Vivid, punching colors, technical skill,  and
thought provoking imagery  are the  "eyemarks"
of Judith's paintings.

Judith Edge has been an artist/sculptor all of her life. She studied at John Herron School of Art, affiliated with Purdue University, and completed liberal arts studies at Butler University and Riverside City College.

While employed at Chaw Se Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park, in Pine Grove, CA; she developed and coordinated the first three years of the now annual Indian Art Exhibition. This Indian Art Invitational has become a very important event on the tribal calendar.

She has also organized and produced venues for other artists such as prize awarding exhibitions and shows for artists' exposure. Holding a lifetime California Community College Teaching Credential, Judith has several hundred hours of experience teaching children and adults; all the while working at her own creative process.

Now, focusing on her art full time, she brings all of her instincts and training to bear on the digital fine art arena. With technology in hand, she has developed a new system for displaying digital art. Digitally creating her Premiere Mask Series, each image is mounted to acrylic: and the resulting Wall Sculpture "plays" with ambient room lighting.

Judith is an award winning fine artist in traditional media and her work can be found in private collections in Canada and in the Midwest.

"I may have the faintist slip of an idea for a painting and as I work it will go in a direction I never expected. Very often I am merely holding the "brush" as the image paints itself. I wake up in the middle of the night working on my paintings. Sometimes patterns stream before my eyes as if I were watching a movie screen."

"I consider myself a 'colorist' and like to explore the inner qualities of the human condition. My work is about the power we each possess to become our TRUE SELF."

A WORD ABOUT ART: An artist's vision is perhaps uniquely his own or part of the consciousness that is familiar to some of us. As each of us are moved or awed by a piece of art, visual, poetic, musical, or performed; we relate at a level that recognizes that vision and we are transformed and transported into a spiritual relationship with ourselves and with others. Good art motivates us to seek that relationship.

RECENT Shows and Galleries
Dayle Dunn Gallery, Half Moon Bay, CA 11/17/05 current
Chardonnay Art Press, Carmel CA 7/26/03 10/13/05
Volcano Gallery, Volcano, CA 9/26/04 3/6/06
Taylor's Nouveau Art Gallery, Elk Grove, CA 12/1/04 1/31/05
Dunn/Mehler Gallery, Half Moon Bay, CA 1/23/03 6/7/04
Doiron Gallery, Sacramento, CA 7/8/04 10/7/04
Chaos Glass Works & Gallery, Sutter Creek, CA 1/10/03 3/2/03
Chablis Gallery, Placerville, CA "PLAY OF LIGHT" 11/5/02 12/4/02